About me

Welcome! My name is Balquis (pronounced: Bal-kees). I designed this blog

to select and evaluate high-quality children’s products from around the

world to help you choose the best toys for your little one. Using my

signature rubric, I created a method to help you better understand how

each of these products can enhance learning for children at each stage of

their early years development.


I have been around the nursery environment for as long as I can remember,

and not just as a youngster. My mother, and mentor, owns and runs a chain

of day-care centres. Growing up in this environment, it was only natural

that I became a Kindergarten teacher at Children’s Oasis Nursery. After that,

I worked at Kidz Inc Dubai where I was in charge of 24 elite children brand

names covering toys, furniture, games, and accessories for many years.

I continue to spend a lot of time traveling the world gaining incredible

insights in to different products on the market, and regularly attend seminars

focused on childhood development and education.


With a Bachelor degree in Marketing Communications (concentration in adverting) and a Master degree from DePaul University in Multicultural and Organisational Communications, I have a sophisticated understanding of diverse cultures and childhood development, which uniquely enables me to evaluate products, informed by a multitude of intercultural and developmental learning theories: I can now bridge my years of working in childhood development with the theoretical and practical knowledge of multicultural and organisational communication in order to assess children products using my own specialized rubric.


After reading my product evaluations and insightful reviews, you will have an informed perspective when considering products for your little one. I also hope you will thoroughly enjoy the variety of products that are reviewed here, because my guarantee to you is; I will only write about products I have absolute belief in, am passionate about, and respect.


I warmly welcome you to reach out and share your thoughts with me!



Kindest regards,