Miracle Forest Rye-and-Spelt Pillow Owl

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Inside the belly of this adorable little owl-pillow is a removable pouch filled with rye and spelt. This pouch can be heated or cooled as needed – if your child has a slight tummy ache then warm the rye and spelt pillow up or if your child has a minor bump or bruise then cool the pillow down and both times; the owl becomes a natural, soothing remedy maker.

Käthe Kruse has been designing and manufacturing toys and dolls for over 100 years. One of their unique selling points is that their products are handcrafted and produced individually. Handcrafted products cannot be mass-produced, which I greatly favour and advocate. Buy this product?

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Product: Miracle Forest Rye-and-Spelt Pillow Owl

Code: 74430

Age: 0 + years.

Made In: Germany.

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