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Digging your fingers in to this kinetic sand is utterly exhilarating, even for an adult!! It is wonderfully moist, malleable, non-toxic, and even comes in a variety of radiant colours! You never have to worry about a messy table either, as the sand magically sticks together for easy pick-up.

This is another open-ended ‘toy’ offering endless amounts of play options like finger-writing, building miniature sandcastles, play noughts and crosses, and moulding different shapes – all these play options dramatically help children hone their fine motor skills amongst several other developmental benefits (see below). Buy this product?

Developmental Benefits:

Product: Sand Box

Code: 849675p

Age: 5 + years.

Materials: Sand = 98% sand. 2% polymer. Non-toxic. Sandbox = polished natural wood.

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