Cara Mello Dressing Doll

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A fantastic, machine-washable product for when children are learning how to dress themself. Their nimble fingers learn how to tie a shoelace, practice strapping on buckles, clip buttons on and off, pull up trousers, put on and take off a woolly pullover, and fasten clip closure. Children also get a cuddly monkey to curl up with.

Käthe Kruse has been designing and manufacturing toys and dolls for over 100 years. One of their unique selling points is that their products are handcrafted and produced individually. Handcrafted products cannot be mass-produced, which I greatly favour and advocate. Buy this product?

Developmental Benefits:

Product: Cara Mello Dressing Doll

Code: 88212

Age: 3 + years.

Made In: Germany.

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