Little Teddy Game

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HABA’s Little Teddy Game can be played in four different ways, which I personally love because it then becomes a game, which has the flexibility to grow with your child as he/she developmentally-matures. For younger age groups, this game can be played as a memory game, and as your child/children advance, this game can transform in to a speed game, observational game, and an aggregate of a guessing and process-of-elimination game. I am also a fan of brands that replace missing parts or have superb return policies. In my opinion, HABA remarkably stands out in that department. Buy this product?

Developmental Benefits:

Product: Little Teddy Game

Code: 4348

Age: 3-5 years.

Materials: Cards and sturdy cardboard pieces

Direct Link:

Awards: Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year, Parent’s Choice Recommended Award

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