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When I first came across Crocodile Creek, I was instantly taken by the quality of their products, their fun character graphics, and brilliant packaging designs. Monsters Playball comes in two different sizes making it conducive for children of different ages and varying gripping capabilities to play with the toy. Another element I love about Crocodile Creek playballs is the criss-crossy texture of their exterior. This can effectively help a child securely grip the ball. Another unique feature belonging to these playballs is the natural and synthetic rubber in which they are made from. This is important to note because natural and synthetic rubber enables the ball to endure everyday wear-and-tear. You will also find that Crocodile Creek playballs are free from PVC, BPA and vinyl. This toy is perfect for cooperative play, hand-eye coordination, and the following developmental benefits: Buy this product?

Developmental Benefits:

Product: 7” Monsters Playball

Code: 2140-6

Age: 3 + years.

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