Adventure Tree House

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Easily one of my most beloved brands. A child will spend countless hours role-playing, designing Calico Critters’ cities, and decorating their homes. You can buy mini Calico Critters’ furniture like sofas, Calico Critters’ double-sized-beds, bathtubs, and a baby room set or you can buy a mini juice bar, there’s a dentist set, an adventure treasure ship, or even mini school toilets to choose from – the list is extensive! They have such a diverse range of families too, like the Hopscotch Rabbit Family, the Buckley Deer Family, the Hopper Kangaroo’s, and even a Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family – the list continues! Each of these little creatures has a fury, felt-like texture for skin, which makes them so much fun to hold. Children can literally build their own Calico Critters world!

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Product: Adventure Tree House

Code: CC1444

Features: cabin, slide, sundeck, swing, pulley, tree trunk, grass bed, 2 tree branches, tree stem, 2 railings, and 2 ladders.

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