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A fantastic stacking game that can be played in a variety of ways. I am such a fan of

exposing children to games because not only to do they have all kinds of developmental benefits (see below), they also learn how to accept and follow rules, they learn how to win and lose gracefully, they learn patience in waiting for their turn, and they learn how to behave as well as interact in a fun, upbeat social setting.

The timber used to make these stacking animals comes from sustainable forestry in Germany, and only colour their wood using water-based stains or solvent-free paints. HABA go through impressive lengths to maintain their eco-footprint, which is why I stand by this brand whole-heartedly. I encourage you to read more about the materials HABA uses. Buy this product?

Developmental Benefits:


Product: Animal Upon Animal

Code: 3678

Age: 4 + years.

Made In: Germany

Materials: wood

Direct Link:

Awards: Major Fun Award, Mr Dad Award

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