Bunny Rattle Ball, Polka Dots

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I have so much fun exploring toys from all around the world because I know I will always come across a brand that will stand out to me for various reasons. This gorgeous polka-dot bunny rattle, for example, is handmade in America and was designed by a second-generation teddy bear maker! I love facts like that! Little, bunny ears are attached to the ball making it conducive for tiny fingers to clutch on to. It also has a fabric loop tied to it for dangling around a cot, pram handle, the handle of a baby’s car seat or whatever has dangle-ability! This toy can be thrown, rolled, punted, cuddled, shaken, or simply held – all with a rattle in effect!

Developmental Benefits:

Product: Bunny Rattle Ball, Polkadots

Age: 0 + years.

Made In: Handmade by second-generation teddy bear maker Jennifer Murphy, USA

Materials: Linen, 100% natural fibres, 100% cotton stuffing.

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