Design a Dragon - Ready for Adventure

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Seedling creates and manufactures such a wide variety of exciting, and interactive projects for children; all the bits-and-bobs necessary to complete the activity are included. I think Seedling products make fantastic presents especially when you don’t know the child for whom you are buying. This create-your-own-dragon activity-set comes with acrylic paint and a paintbrush but there’s still so much more you can build and design! A child can make a dragon’s lair, build a chest of treasure, or with the help of an adult, make dragon eggs using a pot of boiling water!

There is so much you and your child can talk about too like what they would name their flying dragon, what adventures they would go on, or even talk about cultural traditions! I’m such a fan of arts-and-crafts because I feel it generates moments that can magically deepen your relationship with your child whilst promoting their developmental growth.

Developmental Benefits:

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Product: Design a Dragon – Ready for Adventure

Age: 5 + years.

Materials: wooden dragon, 3 acrylic paints, paintbrush, instruction.

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