Lanu American Indian Horse

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I had the privilege of being introduced to HABA’s horse series before it hit the market, and what a fan I am. Role-play offers children a forum of unrestricted engagement and expression completely different than playing with prescriptive toys and games. Role-play facilitates discourse and a space where they can emulate those around them. A wealth of developmental benefits occurs during this stage, please read below!

Lanu American Indian Horse is sturdy enough to be prompt up and played with (both Lanu’s saddle and bridal are removable), whilst still being marvellously soft and cuddly for any little hugger out there! Lanu makes a perfect addition to HABA’s doll collection as well as horse collection!! Check out Sissi Pluch Pony and Paulina Plush Horse.

Furthermore, HABA go through impressive lengths to maintain their eco-footprint, which is why I stand by this brand whole-heartedly. I encourage you to read more about the materials HABA use for their products. Buy this product?

Developmental Benefits:

Product: Lanu American Indian Horse

Code: 5198

Age: 1-2 years, 3-5 years, and 6 + years.

Materials: Velours, Chenille mane and tail, corduroy hooves.

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